Summer Rayne Oakes

I was excited to share my ideas of bringing sustainable practices to an industry that seemed devoid of that value set. The agents listened to my big-picture plans, and at the end, one of them looked me squarely in the face and said, “Well, you know 80 percent of the jobs won’t be available to you because your hips are two inches too big?”

I laughed. The less obvious path is often the hardest. It’s also the one, however, that reaps the greatest rewards. It is your intelligence, your resolve, your character—your whole beauty—that distinguishes you. Don’t shrink because it’s what you think the world wants from you. We need not be bystanders or passive players in this game.

Courtney James

As a young teen, I suffered from stomachaches and a weak immune system. But I ignored the signs my body gave me, which resulted in admissions to hospital—once for appendicitis and once for glandular fever. I realized I had to be more in tune with my body. I took my health into my own hands and learned the ins and outs of what I needed to fuel my body, to make me as energized and strong as possible to withstand the demanding world of modeling.

I find grains, gluten, and dairy to be rough on my stomach, so I prefer to stick to a diet higher in protein and greens. This naturally led me on the path to a Paleo diet. It leaves my body feeling light. I now feel so much stronger. My relationship with food is no longer one based on fear but is one of excitement, possibility, and fun!

Sarah DeAnna

Model and best-selling author of Supermodel You, a mind/body, health, and inspiration book.